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Lewis Capaldi

Lewis Capaldi released his debut album three years ago: an album whose resounding success has kept him on the road ever since. "Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent" was a collection of self-penned songs that swept the world out of nowhere. Over 25 billion global streams, 1 million headline concert tickets sold, the most-streamed debut album in week 1 of all time - the record of his first album is more than impressive. Now the Scot is back with his new single "Forget Me" and the next big tour!

"Forget Me is a song that's very close to my heart and I feel like it's my best yet. It's about a breakup I went through. After a year, the only real contact I had with my ex was seeing her post-me life on Instagram. I was at a point where I was pretty miserable and she seemed to be moving on and having the best time to blossom and I hated it. I felt it was unfair that she seemed happy while I was miserable, and I was afraid she might have forgotten me entirely, so I wrote a song about it."

Subject to change.
Tu 19:30
Lewis Capaldi