General Business Terms and Conditions

§1 Business Objective:

Vienna Classic sells and/or arranges for admission tickets of various event holders. In this, Vienna Classic assumes for its customers the booking and procurement of admission tickets, as well as their delivery or safekeeping ready for pick-up.

§2 Concluding Contracts:

The data and information concerning all of the events listed by Vienna Classic have been painstakingly researched, and are updated regularly. No warranty can be assumed, however, for the completeness, accuracy and currency of the details stated.
What is intended by the information and data concerning the individual events announced by Vienna Classic are non-binding quotations, meaning that no contract comes into being yet upon a booking request from the customer. A contract only comes into being once the charge of the remuneration by the credit-card company and/or bank cited upon ordering has been authorized, and Vienna Classic has confirmed the booking (via e-mail).
Upon an order through the Internet, completion of the following steps consequently leads to conclusion of a contract:

  • 1. Selection of the performance, number of tickets and category;
  • 2. Selection of the type of pick-up or delivery;
  • 3. Statement of personal data, selection of payment mode and consent to these General Business Terms and Conditions;
  • 4. Verification summary of all of the data and transmission of the order;
  • 5. The receipt of your order will be confirmed directly after your order is sent off and such confirmation does not yet represent a binding acceptance of your agreement;
  • 6. A binding confirmation of the order shall be sent by Vienna Classic. This confirmation will be provided within three working days of your placing the order and represents the conclusion of the agreement.

§3 Prices:

All of the prices are intended as including any applicable taxes and tees, yet excluding shipping expenses, which vary according to the type of delivery selected by the customer. In the prices billed by Vienna Classic, a handling fee is included, so that the announced event prices, can be above the printed price on the ticket according to organizers from 0 to 26%. The customer authorizes Vienna Classic to debit the given account resp. credit card with the fee upon booking of the order at Vienna Classic. Prices marked with '(special price)' differ from the regular processing fees. In these cases the exact processing fee can be inquired by telephone.

§4 Annulment, Cancellation of Event:

Vienna Classic is not liable for the reimbursement of admission charges for cancelled or rescheduled events, for example. These claims are to be enforced by the customer directly with the holder of the event, such that the terms and conditions announced by the respective holder of the event for ticket return apply. Vienna Classic shall strive to support its customers in the course of enforcing these claims, but it is not obligated to do so. As a rule, tickets can only be redeemed at the cashier counters of the holder of the event and at the price printed on the ticket. In case that reimbursement for the booking and the shipment of the tickets was also included along with the ticket price determined by the holder of the event, any refund of this reimbursement by Vienna Classics shall be excluded.

§5 Events Bookable 1 Month in Advance at the Earliest:

With some holders of events, in particular the Vienna State Opera (Staatsoper), Volksoper, Burgtheater, Akademietheater, Music Society (Musikverein) and Concert House (Konzerthaus), tickets can as a rule only be booked bindingly 1 month prior to the date of performance, at the earliest. In this case, the points-in-time of the charge of the reimbursement and the confirmation of the booking by Vienna Classic are temporally separated, in particular the mere charge of the reimbursement not representing any booking confirmation. Should the event ordered by the customer no longer be bookable, any sum that may already have been charged by Vienna Classic shall be restituted forthwith.

§6 Exclusion of Liability:

Vienna Classic does not bear any liability with respect to the customer for the contents of the events listed. The customer acknowledges that the respective holders of events have as a rule reserved the right to make changes in casting and program. Vienna Classic is in particular also not liable for (frustrated) efforts that the customer has expended arising from any possible cancellation, rescheduling, or program or casting changes, particularly those such as travel and sojourn expenses incurred. The liability of Vienna Classic is in any case limited to at least grossly negligent behavior on the part of its employees.

§7 Right of withdrawal

All tickets sales are fixed orders without the possibility of cancellation.

§8  Applicable Law, Court Venue:

Agreed upon is the application of Austrian Law under exclusion of the conflict rules as well as of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. The court having jurisdiction and competence for the 1st Municipal District of Vienna is agreed upon as court venue hereunder.

§9 Payment:

You may choose to pay using your credit card or the automatic debit transfer system. We accept the following credit cards: VISA, MasterCard and Diners Club. Automatic debit transfer system - Payments are currently being accepted via this system for the following countries: Austria, Germany and the Netherlands. Your credit card account or bank account will be charged immediately after your order is completed.

§10 The text of the agreement:

We will save the text of the agreement and send you the purchase order information and our General Terms and Conditions via e-mail. You can view your previous orders in our customer login section. You have the possibility of completing the purchase order in German or English.