FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

When booking online, you select the price category and the seats in the selected category will be allocated next to each other in the best possible way.
If you book by telephone we can in many cases discuss places with you, this will depend on the event you wish to book.

Yes, we generally do not book single seats. However, it can happen that we allocate in groups of two seats next to each other for a booking of more than 3 tickets.

Please print out your print@home tickets on a full page. This is the only way we can guarantee admission.

No, this is not possible. Payment must be made directly when ordering.

We ask you to redeem your Vienna Classic voucher within 5 years.

Vienna Classic vouchers can be redeemed with the printed voucher code either online at www.viennaclassic.com or by telephone on +43 1 890 55 55. You can redeem your voucher online by entering your voucher code in the shopping cart and clicking on "apply coupon". When booking by phone, please let us know at the beginning of the order that you would like to redeem a voucher.
If the voucher amount exceeds the value of your booking, the remaining amount is of course retained and you can redeem the remaining amount for a later booking. If the value of your booking is higher than the value of the voucher, you must choose one of the available payment methods to settle the difference, which is either credit card (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Diners) or direct debit (disclosure of IBAN and BIC).

On our homepage www.viennaclassic.com you can see in the respective event in the price categories whether we can offer discounted tickets. If you don't see a discount, we can't take any discount into account. Unfortunately, discounts due to memberships, bonus programs, disability passes, etc. cannot be redeemed with us.

Unfortunately we cannot offer the booking of wheelchair spaces. Please contact the respective organizer.

Please visit our website for more information: https://viennaclassic.com/en/coronavirus-info.html
Since the regulations are constantly changing, we ask you to inform yourself again shortly before your performance.

No, cancellation after booking is not possible

As a rule (except for balls) there is no prescribed dress code, we recommend elegant clothing. Please note that people in incomplete clothing (e.g. no shoes, flip-flops, an undershirt as a top, jeans with extremely wide holes or shorts for men) or very casual clothing (e.g. jogging suits, sportswear) may be denied entry despite a valid admission ticket.