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Cesar Millan

The transport of animals is not allowed, only the approved show dogs are allowed! Except companion dogs.

On October 30, 2019, Cesar Millan from the USA returns to the Wiener Stadthalle with his new program "It's All About Family". A total of 200,000 spectators were able to attend his instructive and entertaining presentations on the subject of the dog and the human species in recent years. In his new edutainment show "It's All About Family - Live on Tour 2019" Cesar Millan - together with his four- and two-legged friends - will present his audience an entertaining show, after their visit, the domestic coexistence between humans and animals certainly better works.

For the first time, Cesar Millan will be accompanied live by his two sons Calvin and Andre, both of whom have already appeared on his TV shows.

As in the past successful tours of the dog whisperer leads a moderator in German and with a lot of wit and charm through the show.

Cesar Millan is a world renowned and respected dog training expert. His methods enable a happier and healthier relationship between humans and their four-legged companions. In his over 25 years working with dogs, he has developed a successful philosophy of trust, respect and love to be aggressive, anxious and

To rehabilitate forcibly disabled dogs, but also to relax the everyday, normal togetherness between people and their faithful housemates. The dog coache discovered his extraordinary talent as a teenager on the farm of his grandfather in Mexico. Today, all of Hollywood is at his feet: stars like Vin Diesel, Nicolas Cage, Scarlett Johansson, Charlize Theron, Will Smith or PINK have entrusted their charges to Cesar Millan. Not for nothing he has won numerous awards and is a popular guest on American TV shows. In Germany, his two TV series "The Dog Whisperer" on Sixx and "Emergency Dog" on Nat Geo Wild can be seen.

He has initiated numerous animal welfare projects, such as the "Cesar Millan PACK Project" or his "Dog Psychology Center", in which he works with conspicuous dogs. In six books, numerous DVDs, two TV series and worldwide live performances, he shares his knowledge with dog lovers around the world. "I rehabilitate dogs and I train people," says Cesar Millan about himself and his work.

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We 19:30
Cesar Millan