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"It's about time that you finally realized that, high time ... Big story: history! "Yes, look here."

No stage directions, no clearly defined place. votes, two. Two who come together and have a conversation - play theater together? Or the self-questioning of a writer who, with his own high level of sensitivity and attentiveness and the persistent will to be true, beautiful and good, seeks to shed light on everything that makes up his work? An old fool or two about to step down from the world stage? Or does the eponymous “dialogue” refer to the whispering of a pair of lovers in the hayloft?

The new play by Peter Handke, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, shows him to be a playwright who, like hardly anyone else, succeeds in creating realities out of the silence and the empty theater space with his words. After the intercession for a young suicide in his last piece ZDENĚK ADAMEC, which is characterized by anger and understanding, apparently calmer tones sound in ZWIEGESPRÄCH. A meditation on theatre, on aging, on dying; a piece about the spirits of the ancestors who are always present and always want to have a say, and yet: a radical examination of one's own point of view, a plea for not just observing, but intervening in the world.

The director Rieke Süsskow, who is staging for the first time at the Burgtheater, dedicates herself to the premiere of Handke's DIALOGUE with a special feeling for musicality and physicality and a fresh perspective that fits Handke's claim to constantly reinvent himself poetically.

Subject to change.
Tu 20:00