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Vienna PASS

The Vienna PASS saves you both time and money. You no longer need to carry around spare change for admission tickets, all your entry is included in one pass. Just turn up to one of over 60 attractions, show the card at the entrance and step right in without paying an extra cent!

What Is The Vienna PASS? What Do You Get?

The Vienna PASS is your sightseeing card to discover the city of Vienna. Tailor-made for visitors to the Austrian capital, you can enjoy the city’s rich history with a HOP ON HOP OFF VIENNA SIGHTSEEING TOURS bus tour, a guidebook and optional travelcard. There’s so much waiting to be discovered with the Vienna PASS – saving you time, money and stress.
What’s included:

Free entry into over 60 of Vienna’s most popular attractions and museums, including the Imperial Palace, Schönbrunn Zoo and the Natural History Museum
Unlimited use of the HOP ON HOP OFF VIENNA SIGHTSEEING TOURS buses for the duration of your pass
Optional travelcard to explore the city, valid across the tram, tube and bus networks
Free guidebook to help you explore the city and plan your visit
Fast Track Entry to a number of Vienna’s top attractions

How is the pass activated?

The pass will become activated upon first use at an attraction. It works by scanning a barcode which will activate the card at first use. This simple system means users can visit their chosen attractions* at ease, without the hassle of queuing to buy tickets.

Depending on your selected pass duration – 2, 3 or 6 days – the pass is then valid for consecutive days from activation. Once the pass has expired, the card will stop working and you will no longer be granted entry into any sights or attractions. Please date and sign your pass at the space provided, otherwise it is not valid.

If you select the travel package, your travelcard will become activated when you validate it in the blue ticket-punch machine in tube stations, trams or on buses and will then be valid for consecutive 48 or 72 hours.

*The Vienna PASS allows single entry into the attractions, except for the HOP ON HOP OFF VIENNA SIGHTSEEING buses, which can be used unlimited for the entire duration of your Vienna PASS.

Sightseeing made simple

The Vienna PASS is your all-inclusive ticket to experience Vienna. Available for 2, 3 or 6 consecutive days you can explore Vienna at your leisure and enjoy free entry into Vienna’s most popular monuments, museums and galleries.
Top tip:

If you opt for a Vienna PASS with travelcard you get unlimited use of the public transport network – the perfect way to get around and see all the sights, saving both time and money.
Save with the Vienna PASS

With free entry to over 60 top attractions in Vienna, it's impossible not to save money. Visit the most popular attractions without paying anything extra and tour all of your favourite sights, from imperial palaces to art galleries and museums.

Top Attractions You can visit for free with Vienna PASS

1 Schönbrunn Palace
2 Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel
3 HOP ON HOP OFF Bus Tours
4 Danube Tower
5 Albertina
6 Hofburg Imperial Palace
7 Schönbrunn Zoo
8 Kunsthistorisches Museum
9 Spanish Riding School
10 St Stephen’s Cathedral Treasure

Benefits of the Vienna PASS

✔ SAVE TIME with Fast Track Entry

✔ SAVE MONEY as all entry costs are included with the Vienna PASS

✔ SAVE STRESS it's your all-in-one ticket into attractions included in the pass

Don’t forget the Vienna PASS works on a consecutive day basis, so if you first use your pass in an attraction or on the HOP ON HOP OFF VIENNA SIGHTSEEING TOURS bus on your first day, this will count as the first day of your pass duration. It's best to start using your pass first thing in the morning to make the most out of the product.

Vienna Travelcard - Get Around Vienna With Ease

Explore Vienna with a travelcard and get to know the city, inside out. With unlimited travel, why not add one on to your Vienna PASS order for the complete sightseeing package. Ride the city’s network of undergrounds, trains and buses and discover all that Vienna has to offer.
Benefits of a Travelcard

One ticket to cover all networks within the inner zone
48 hour or 72 hour ticket variations for flexibility
Networks include: underground, train, tram and buses, including Nightline buses
Unlimited use for duration of your pass
No need to carry spare change for daily tickets

Where can you use the Travelcard?

The travelcard allows you unlimited travel across all transport networks in Vienna (zone 100)

✔ Underground

✔ Trams

✔ Buses (incl. Nightline buses)

✔ Overground trains

The undergrounds (U-Bahn) run from around 5am until midnight, but run 24 hours on Fridays and Saturdays and the night before public holidays. Your travelcard is also valid on all night buses and night tubes.

Buses and trams have less operating hours and stop running earlier in the evening.

For information regarding Vienna’s public transport network (Wiener Linien) please visit
How do you activate the Travelcard?

At every tube stop you will find a small blue ticket machine to activate your card, as well as inside the trams and buses themselves. You must slot your travelcard into the machine to stamp and activate it. The first time you do this will be the activation date and time of your travelcard. From then, the travelcard will be valid for the duration of your ticket; 48 or 72 hours.

The travelcard is not valid for travel to and from the Vienna airport. You will need to purchase an additional one-way ticket at €2,20. Although there are no ticket barriers, there are frequent checks by undercover transport officers on the transport networks – so make sure you have validated your travelcard before you go. Both adults and children are also required to hold a valid form of ID to be able to show on demand as well.

Children under 6 travel for free on the transport network but the other benefit of the Vienna PASS is that one child under 15 years can also travel free if accompanied by a Vienna PASS holder with travelcard. Children under 15 do not need their own travelcard but need a valid ID to show on demand.

Vienna PASS Guidebook - Free With The Vienna PASS

The Vienna PASS offers users a detailed guidebook containing over 60 attractions to be discovered when visiting the city. The guidebook is included in the package for free and is your key to exploring the city; complete with map, detailed listings and discounts, as well as top tips.
Free 100+ page guidebook with every Vienna PASS

Make the most of your trip to Vienna with the detailed 100+ page guidebook, available in English, German and Italian. Free with the Vienna PASS, it’s the ultimate sightseeing resource, packed full of information about the city and its sights.

The guidebook contains:

Exact address details
Nearest public transport stop
Attraction contact number
Opening times
Attraction website details if you are looking for any additional info

With this voucher the Vienna PASS can either be picked up at the Vienna PASS Customer Service Centre or from the airport at the Airport Driver desk in the arrivals hall.

Collection Desk 1:
Vienna PASS Customer Service Centre Address: Opernpassage, Top 3, 1010 Wien / Vienna Opening hours:
Monday- Saturday: 10 am – 5 pm Sunday and Holidays: 10 am – 3 pm
Tel.: +43 1 503 30 33
Public Transport
U1, U2, U4 Karlsplatz / Oper - Exit „Oper“
Tram D, 1, 2, 71: Kärntner Ring, Oper
Bus: 2A, 59A
The Vienna PASS Customer Service Center is located at the Opernpassage (underground passage) right by the Vienna State Opera. Use exitway to underground stations U1, U2 and U4.

Collection Desk 2:
AirportDriver desk Arrivals hall Airport Vienna
Opening hours: Monday - Sunday, 6 am - midnight
Tel.: +43 1 22 8 22

Please note:
- Public transportation to and from the Vienna airport is not included in the Vienna PASS with travelcard.

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