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van Manen | Ekman | Kylian

Adagio Hammerklavier
Ludwig van Beethoven | Komponist
Hans van Manen | Choreographie
Jean-Paul Vroom | Ausstattung

Ludwig van Beethoven, Joseph Haydn, Franz Schubert | Komponisten
Alexander Ekman | Choreographie und Ausstattung
Urtzi Aranburu | Choreographische Assistenz
Tom Visser | Licht
Nina Botkay | Einstudierung

Bella Figura
Lukas Foss, Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, Alessandro Marcello, Antonio Vivaldi, Giuseppe Torelli | Komponisten
Jiří Kylián | Choreographie, Bühne, Licht
Joke Visser | Kostüme
Tom Bevoort | Licht
Kees Tjebbes | Licht
Cora Bos-Kroese | Choreographische Assistenz
Stefan Zeromski | Choreographische Assistenz

Framed by Hans van Manen's impressive masterpiece "Adagio Hammerklavier" and "Bella Figura" by Jirí Kylián is with "Cacti" for the first time a work by the 1984 Swedish-born choreographer Alexander Ekman on the board of the Vienna State Ballet. "Cacti" reflected by dance virtuoso agent on the perception and the "understanding" of art, with startling images and situations arise in which even the humor is not neglected.

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