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Thoss | Wheeldon | Robbins

Blaubarts Geheimnis (Ausschnitt)
Philip Glass | Komponist
Alexander Ingram | Dirigent

Fools Paradise
Joby Talbot | Komponist
Alexander Ingram | Dirigent

The Four Seasons
Giuseppe Verdi | Komponist
Alexander Ingram | Dirigent

„Interdisciplinary” would be a good way of describing the thematic framework of this performance. With „The Four Seasons“ Jerome Robbins created a ballet to music by Giuseppe Verdi which makes a direct reference to opera. „Fool’s Paradise“ by Christopher Wheeldon, by contrast, is based on music by Joby Talbot which was originally composed for a film. Finally, „Blaubarts Geheimnis“ is based on music by Philip Glass which was intended both as a film score and for concert performance.

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