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Glaube und Heimat

A rift runs through the nation: on the way of the emperor all Protestants of the empire must be abandoned, they swear by the Lutheran "mistaken belief". For Christoph Rott and his family begins a battle of the soul between rationality and conviction: it is the violent death of the Protestant neighbor, the Rott is made to profess Protestantism. Taking the consequences, the family prepares to leave home. But the Emperor's orders are strict, minor children are not allowed to go into exile. Again, Rott sees himself faced with an impossible decision: to return the son or broaden his scope.

Schönherr's play, first performed in 1910, was inspired by the expulsion of the Zillertal Protestants in 1837. By shifting the plot in the Counter-Reformation era, the Conflict of Conflict exemplifies how "different" and "false" become synonyms when conviction becomes delusion. which by nature do not form opposites. Only a certain constellation makes them. In other words, Schönherr locates the play in a specific time and situation: in a time when people have to give up their homeland for the sake of faith or vice versa.Claus Gillmann

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