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Incredible, the great universal artist, representative of the Viennese school of fantastic realism, songwriter, author, stage designer, author and, and, and ... Arik Brauer turns 90!

Time for the Rabenhof to pay tribute to this Viennese suburban child, who has become a citizen of the world.
Who would be better suited than his daughter, the outstanding actress, singer and entertainer Ruth Brauer-Kvam. A journey through time from the interwar period in Ottakring to Las Vegas in the 60s, from cycling trips to Africa to art openings in Tokyo. Stories of love, Israel and nature show the fantastic-realistic life of this exceptional artistic talent.

with: Ruth Brauer-Kvam

Director: Thomas Gratzer
Musical direction: Kyrr. Kvam
Stage: Arik Brauer

Subject to change.

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