Stravinsky "The Rake’s Progress" - Schedule, Program & Tickets

Stravinsky "The Rake’s Progress"

conductor: Diego Matheuz
director: Damiano Michieletto
sets: Paolo Fantin
costumes: Carla Teti

The Rake´s Progress is an opera in three acts and an epilogue by Igor Stravinsky. The libretto, written by W. H. Auden and Chester Kallman, is based loosely on the eight paintings and engravings A Rake´s Progress (1733–1735) of William Hogarth, which Stravinsky had seen on 2 May 1947, in a Chicago exhibition.

The story concerns the decline and fall of one Tom Rakewell, who deserts Anne Trulove for the delights of London in the company of Nick Shadow, who turns out to be the Devil. After several misadventures, all initiated by the devious Shadow, Tom ends up in Bedlam, a hospital for the ´insane´ at that time situated in the City of London. The moral of the tale is: ”For idle hearts and hands and minds the Devil finds a work to do.”

italian and english surtitles

Michael Leibundgut

Carmela Remigio

Tom Rakewell
Juan Francisco Gatell

Nick Shadow
Alex Esposito

Mutter Goose
Silvia Regazzo

Natasha Petrinski

Marcello Nardis

Keeper of the Madhouse
Matteo Ferrara

La Fenice Opera House Chorus and Orchestra
Chorus master Claudio Marino Moretti

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