Ballet: Peer Gynt - Schedule, Program & Tickets

Ballet: Peer Gynt

Conductor | Simon Hewett
Choreography | Edward Clug
Music | Edvard Grieg
Costume | Leo Kulaš
Set | Marko Japelj
Lighting | Tomaž Premzl

This story ballet, which was first performed in 2015 in Maribor, is based on music by Edvard Grieg and the work by Henrik Ibsen, which were chosen by choreographer Edward Clug as the starting point for his libretto: "Ibsen and Grieg have each invented their distinct version of 'Peer Gynt'. My goal was to merge them into a new identity, into a landscape with many doors. I have selected my entrance, which is wide open to you, dear visitors, and I invite you to step through into a new ballet experience."

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