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Salzburg Festival 2022

"Art is a language that reveals the hidden, tears open the closed, makes the innermost tangible, that admonishes - excited - shaken - makes you happy."
That was the key phrase of the speech that Nikolaus Harnoncourt swore his audience to in 1995 on the 75th anniversary of the Salzburg Festival. And with which he immediately inflamed me, the new festival president.

Art as a language that can do everything if it only wants it and if you let it.
“Art as food” (quote from Max Reinhardt) and not just as a decoration of life.
"The festival as a matter of European culture, of eminent political, economic and social importance", as Hugo von Hofmannsthal formulated the task of Salzburg particularly emphatically.
The fact that I was able to help shape more than a quarter of a century of the hundred-year history of the Gesamtkunstwerk Festival fills me with an infinite feeling of happiness, which I would like to express in this adieu.

All the ratings we have been given by science, the arts section and you, the wonderful audience, are both a mandate and a responsibility.
· Festivals as a compass in uncertain times.
· Festival as a beacon on the search for one's own identity, for the meaning of life.
· And again and again festivals as a European memory.

But the definition chosen by the cultural philosopher Bazon Brock seems to me the most consistent: Festival as a community of enthusiasm. After all, it includes those three sources of power, through whose interaction the Miracle Festival is only possible:
· Us, the festival makers; at the head of our artistic director Markus Hinterhäuser, who every year succeeds in making Salzburg an epicenter of something special.
· Above all, however, the artists who, at best, create events that reverberate deeply in everyday life, and not just events.

In our memorandum for the 100th anniversary it says: "The Salzburg Festival sees itself as an international festival: international in its program, through the participating artists and their visitors from all over the world."
· Nobody has described the force flowing towards us from you, the audience, more beautifully than Max Reinhardt: “The best must be not only on the stage, but also in the auditorium if the perfect miracle is to arise, which the theater is capable of on happy evenings is."

You, dear visitors, have made a decisive contribution to ensuring that the shadow of the pandemic did not fall on the festival in the difficult past two years. That we could be a beacon project in 2020, just as we did in 1920 and 1945.
To say goodbye as the Festival President, I would ask you to continue your interest in art, your curiosity, and even your passion. I firmly believe that art can provide orientation in our world, which is pretty much out of joint.

We want to ask the right questions with our 2022 program in opera, theater and concerts. We want to encourage people to think deeper and further. We want to awaken the imagination for new solutions. And I can be a member of the community of enthusiasm in the audience - by your side.

Thank you!
Helga Rabl-Stadler
President of the Salzburg Festival
Mo 21:00
Jedermann - Premiere

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