Mozart & Strauss Concerts - Kursalon Vienna - Schedule, Program & Tickets

Mozart & Strauss Concerts - Kursalon Vienna

The Salonorchester Alt Wien, one of the best-known interpreters of classical Viennese music, presents an evening full of Viennese charm with the lilting sound of waltzes, polkas, arias and duets as well as operetta and piano concerto melodies. Accompanied by excellent opera vocalists and our enchanting ballet dancers revealed Vienna's classical music as a living firework display for all the senses.

Composer: Johann Strauss, W.A.Mozart

In the very place where Johann Strauss himself used to direct his orchestra from the position of first violin, the absolute essence of Vienna's classical music can once again be heard daily.

In the stylish ambience of the restaurant "The Johann" in the Kursalon, a delicious gala dinner served from starters to dessert maximum enjoyment of your choice before the concert. An excellent dinner combined with a concert visit filled with sweeping waltzes is certainly the highlight of any visit to Vienna.

Dinner options:

Concert & Dinner "Emperor Waltz" (3-course)
The package "Emperor Waltz" includes a Strauss & Mozart concert at Kursalon Vienna and a 3-course menu at the Restaurant Johann in the Kursalon Wien. (Excl. Beverages)

Carrot soup with Petersilcreme
Cream of carrots with parsley cream
(MI, SO)
or / or
Clear beef soup with semolina dumplings
Beef consommé with semolina dumplings
(EI, SL, GL, LU, SE, MI)
Crispy fried fillet of salmon with tomatoes and Karfiolrisotto Espuma
Grilled fillet of salmon with cauliflower risotto and tomato foam
(FI, MI, SO, EI, SL)
or / or
Roast veal with creamy tomato polenta and sautéed zucchini
Pink roast rump of veal with creamy tomato polenta and courgettes
(GL, SL, SO, EI, MI)
Elderflower mousse with marinated strawberries
Mousse of elderflower with marinated strawberries
(MI, GL, SO, SC, ER, SJ)
or / or
Strawberry shortcake with vanilla sauce
Strawberry tartlet with vanilla sauce
(SC, EI, GL, SO, ER, SJ, MI)


The VIP category includes one reserved VIP seat, 1 glass of prosecco in the interval, a Johann Strauss CD and a program booklet.

Enjoy the most beautiful pieces by Johann Strauss and W. A. Mozart with the Salonorchester Alt Wien!

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