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Mozart Ensemble Vienna

Experience the highlights of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozartís classical music in the unique and original Sala Terrena in the heart of Vienna. Be enchanted by Viennese Classic, performed by our virtuosic quartet in one of the oldest concert halls of Vienna, where even Mozart himself used to perform.

The professional Mozart ensemble performs chamber music and popular classical pieces by the most famous of Austrian composers. Very experienced and well balanced, the string quartet carries on the old and revered Viennese musical tradition. The baroque art and Mannerism architecture of the ground floor hall enchants the eye, while its form creates wonderful acoustics. High standard music, the original atmosphere of the Sala Terrena and the historic costumes worn by the musicians combine into a luxurious classical music experience. Turn your night on the town into a journey back to Mozart`s time.

Program (Exemple):
W. A. Mozart - Quartet in C-Major KV.157
- Allegro
- Andante
- Presto

Franz Schubert - German Dance

W. A. Mozart Eine kleine Nachtmusik KV. 515
- Allegro
- Romanze - Andante
- Menuetto - Allegretto
- Rondo - Allegro

Interval (10 Min.)

J. Haydn Quartet in d - minor op. 76/2
- "Fifths Quartet"
- Allegro
- Andante o più tosto allegretto
- Minuetto
- Finale. Vivace assai

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