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Mozart Ensemble Vienna

The founding of the Mozart Ensemble Wien
Claudio Bentes founded his first string quartet at the age of 12. After a masterclass with the Amadeus Quartet (Prof. Norbert Brainin), today's Mozart Ensemble was created.

International performances of the Mozart Ensemble
The members of the Mozart Ensemble performed in almost all countries of Europe, Asia and South America and also performed with the Chamber Orchestra of Europe, the Salzburg Soloists, the Vienna Academy, the Vienna Chamber Orchestra, the Ensemble Modern Times and many other famous orchestras.

In the Sala Terrena the Mozart Ensemble has played several documentary films about the life and work of Mozart.

Sala Terrena
The oldest concert hall in Vienna
The Sala Terrena (from ital .: Saal zum ebenen Erde) in the Mozarthaus Vienna is located in the historic center of Vienna, in the immediate vicinity of St. Stephen's Cathedral.
It was built as part of the monastery of the Teutonic Knights in the second half of the 12th century.

Sala Terrena - where Mozart once played himself
In 1781 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lived in the monastery of the Teutonic Knights. He played in the oldest concert hall in Vienna some concerts on behalf of Archbishop Colloredo, an important patron of the Mozart family. Experience the Mozart spirit in our performances in the Mozarthaus!

Beautiful frescoes
In the style of the Venetian late renaissance held, are already clear Baroque influences. The beautiful, illusionist frescoes in the Sala Terrena show rich ornamentation as well as scenes from mythology.This selected ballroom provides an excellent setting for a music evening of the highest quality.

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Mozart Ensemble Vienna