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Mozart "Don Giovanni"

conductor: Stefano Montanari
director: Damiano Michieletto
sets: Paolo Fantin
costumes: Carla Teti


Seville, 1600s. At night, outside the Commendatore´s palace, Leporello grumbles about his duties as servant to Don Giovanni, a dissolute nobleman. Soon the masked Don appears, pursued by Donna Anna, the Commendatore´s daughter, whom he has tried to seduce. When the Commendatore himself answers Anna´s cries, he is killed in a duel by Giovanni, who escapes. Anna now returns with her fiancé, Don Ottavio. Finding her father dead, she makes Ottavio swear vengeance on the assassin.

At dawn, Giovanni flirts with a high-strung traveler outside a tavern. She turns out to be Donna Elvira, a woman he once seduced in Burgos, who is on his trail. Giovanni escapes while Leporello distracts Elvira by reciting his master´s long catalog of conquests. Peasants arrive, celebrating the nuptials of their friends Zerlina and Masetto; when Giovanni joins in, he pursues the bride, angering the groom, who is removed by Leporello. Alone with Zerlina, the Don applies his charm, but Elvira interrupts and protectively whisks the girl away. When Elvira returns to denounce him as a seducer, Giovanni is stymied further while greeting Anna, now in mourning, and Ottavio. Declaring Elvira mad, he leads her off. Anna, having recognized his voice, realizes Giovanni was her attacker.

Dressing for the wedding feast he has planned for the peasants, Giovanni exuberantly downs champagne.

Outside the palace, Zerlina begs Masetto to forgive her apparent infidelity. Masetto hides when the Don appears, emerging from the shadows as Giovanni corners Zerlina. The three enter the palace together. Elvira, Anna and Ottavio arrive in dominoes and masks and are invited to the feast by Leporello.

During the festivities, Leporello entices Masetto into the dance as Giovanni draws Zerlina out of the room. When the girl´s cries for help put him on the spot, Giovanni tries to blame Leporello. But no one is convinced; Elvira, Anna and Ottavio unmask and confront Giovanni, who barely escapes Ottavio´s drawn sword.


Under Elvira´s balcony, Leporello exchanges cloaks with Giovanni to woo the lady in his master´s stead. Leporello leads Elvira off, leaving the Don free to serenade Elvira´s maid. When Masetto passes with a band of armed peasants bent on punishing Giovanni, the disguised rake gives them false directions, then beats up Masetto. Zerlina arrives and tenderly consoles her betrothed.

In a passageway, Elvira and Leporello are surprised by Anna, Ottavio, Zerlina and Masetto, who, mistaking servant for master, threaten Leporello. Frightened, he unmasks and escapes. When Anna departs, Ottavio affirms his confidence in their love. Elvira, frustrated at her second betrayal by the Don, voices her rage.

Leporello catches up with his master in a cemetery, where a voice warns Giovanni of his doom. This is the statue of the Commendatore, which the Don proposes Leporello invite to dinner. When the servant reluctantly stammers an invitation, the statue accepts.

In her home, Anna, still in mourning, puts off Ottavio´s offer of marriage until her father is avenged.

Leporello is serving Giovanni´s dinner when Elvira rushes in, begging the Don, whom she still loves, to reform. But he waves her out contemptuously. At the door, her screams announce the Commendatore´s statue. Giovanni boldly refuses warnings to repent, even in the face of death. Flames engulf his house, and the sinner is dragged to hell.

Among the castle ruins, the others plan their future and recite the moral: such is the fate of a wrongdoer.


Don Giovanni
Alessio Arduini (11, 14, 16, 18)
Alessandro Luongo (12, 15, 17, 19)

Donna Anna
Jessica Pratt (11, 14, 16, 18)
Francesca Dotto (12, 15, 17, 19)

Don Ottavio
Juan Francisco Gatell (11, 14, 16, 18)
Anicio Zorzi Giustiniani (12, 15, 17, 19)

Alex Esposito (11, 14, 16, 18)
Omar Montanari (12, 15, 17, 19)

Donna Elvira
Maria Pia Piscitelli (11, 14, 16, 18)
Cristina Baggio (12, 15, 17, 19)

Attila Jun

Caterina di Tonno

William Corrò

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