Mozart Dinner Concert - Schedule, Program & Tickets

Mozart Dinner Concert

At the Mozart Dinner Concert you can look forward to the highest musical quality! The two opera singers and five instrumentalists of the AMADEUS CONSORT play music from the great Mozart operas "Die Zauberflöte", "Don Giovanni" and "Figaros Hochzeit" in the excellent acoustics of the baroque hall. There is a concert in three parts in front of the aisles of the dinner - the music shouldn't be disturbed. Every art form their time!

Concert program

Arias & Duets from "DON GIOVANNI" KV 527
The beginning of the concert is dedicated to Prince “Don Giovanni” from the opera of the same name. In fact, according to his servant Leporello, this Casanova is said to have had 1003 lovers in Spain alone!
"Giovinette che fatte all'amore" | "Batti, batti o bel Masetto" | "Madamina, il catalogo ..." | "Vedrai, carino" | "Deh vieni alla finestra ..." | Menuetto (instrumental) | "Là ci darem la mano ..."

Overture, arias & duets from "FIGARO" KV 492
The servant Figaro and his fiancée Zerlina prepare for their wedding. The “employer” of the two, Count Almaviva, who wants to redeem the “Ius primae noctis”, causes problems. This long-established "right of the first night" means that it is not Figaro but the Count who is allowed to spend the wedding night with Zerlina ...
Overture | "Cinque, dieci, venti ..." | "Se vuol ballare, Signor contino ..." | "Non so piú cosa son ..." | "Non più andrai ..." | "Deh vieni non tardar ..." | "Crudel, per che finora ..."

"A Little NIGHT MUSIC" KV 525
Arias & Duets from "DIE ZAUBERFLÖTE" KV 620
Mozart's most famous work takes us into an eerie, alien world full of dangers and trials. Who is good Who is bad Ultimately it doesn't matter. In the end love wins and even the lonely, desperate bird catcher Papageno finds his Papagena.
"I'm the bird catcher" | "In men who feel love ..." | "Quick feet, quick courage!" | "A male or a female" | "Pa-pa-pa-pa"

The AMADEUS CONSORT SALZBURG consists of two opera singers (soprano and baritone) and five instrumentalists (string quintet). The members of the ensemble have studied at various universities, but above all at the Mozarteum Salzburg, and are professional musicians in numerous renowned ensembles. The ensemble can refer to numerous engagements outside of Salzburg. Trips abroad have taken the ensemble all over Europe, Asia, Africa and America. The ensemble became known all over the world through participation in numerous TV productions. Many of our former members of the Amadeus Consort now sing at opera houses, at major festivals and are always happy to come back to us for guest appearances!

The Mozart menu

A Salzburger Jourgebäck with butter

White lemon soup with rosemary curd dumplings and whipped cream

Breast of roasted capon on red wine and herb ice cream with potato gratin and vegetables from Father Prior's garden

Semi-frozen forest honey parfait on two types of fruit sauces

Our vegetarian, vegan or anti-allergenic alternatives follow the seasons and vary seasonally ...
Please understand that we therefore do not offer a permanent vegetarian alternative to our Mozart menu. The chef loves to cook fresh!
We will be happy to receive your wishes after prior registration (no later than the beginning of the concert) and try to implement them as best we can
We are currently serving a risotto with apple and calvados, pine nuts and Gran Padano.
Drinks are not included.

Each guest is unique to us and enjoys our full attention.
And all of that a little more at the Mozart Dinner Exclusive

♦ Preferred, separate placement in the first two rows
♦ aperitif
♦ Program booklet
♦ Gourmet menu

Preferred, separate placement in the first two rows

Aperitif & program booklet

Gourmet menu

Jourgebäck with 3 different spreads

Riesling foam soup with clams and crayfish

Pink roasted beef fillet with cream polenta
on zucchini sherry tomato compote and port wine ice cream

Original Salzburger Nockerl

(Menu from 07/01/2015):

♦ St. Peter black bread with 3 different spreads
♦ Home-smoked duck breast with lettuce and fried wheat bread
♦ Roasted pink center piece of veal saddle, tomato risotto, mini vegetables
♦ Original Salzburger Nockerl


In the splendid, candlelit baroque hall, which is decorated for Christmas, you will experience a particularly atmospheric evening during Advent. And before the concert there may still be time for a visit to the Christmas market or a hot cup of mulled wine in the romantic courtyard of St. Peter. In Advent from November 30th to December 30th, the menu is extended by one course.
Mozart menu Advent
A Salzburg journey pastry with butter

White lemon soup with rosemary curd dumplings and whipped cream

Gravlax trout fillet with herb mousse
and walnut scarf
otten vinaigrette

Breast of roasted capon on red wine and herb ice cream with potato gratin and vegetables from Father Prior's garden

Semi-frozen forest honey parfait
of two types of fruit sauces

Drinks are not included.

Our three-course dinner, carefully prepared by head chef Andreas Krebs, was inspired by historical recipes from Mozart's time. The menu is served during the concert breaks: the music shouldn't be disturbed.
Each art has its time!


The baroque hall with its stucco work, frescoes and the unique acoustics is a splendid gem! The 1200 year old tradition of St. Peter awaits you!
The baroque hall of the Stiftskeller St. Peter is one of the few concert rooms in Salzburg in which real candlelight is still permitted. You will hardly be able to experience this at any other concert.

The STIFTSKELLER ST. By the way, PETER is the oldest restaurant in Europe. It was first mentioned in a document in 803 on the occasion of a visit by Emperor Charlemagne. The Mozarts also came here, as Nannerl Mozart mentioned in her diary in 1783. The composer Michael Haydn lived and made music in the "Haydn Room" located directly next to the baroque hall. Works by Haydn were even premiered here. Our musicians like to stay there during the breaks. Take a look inside !!

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Th 19:30
Mozart Dinner Concert

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