Medea - Schedule, Program & Tickets


Michael Boder | Dirigent
Marco Arturo Marelli | Regie und Licht
Marco Arturo Marelli | Bühne
Dagmar Niefind | Kostüme

Marlis Petersen | Medea
Stephanie Houtzeel | Kreusa
Monika Bohinec | Gora
Norbert Ernst | Kreon
Adrian Eröd | Jason
Daichi Fujiki | Herold

How hard a woman must have been emotionally hurt when breaking away from the formerly beloved husband forever and kills the children together? Betrayed by her husband Jason and deeply hurt, the outcast, which arouses his enmity by all and desperate Medea takes revenge on precisely this way. Aribert Reimann, one of the most important and sought-after composers of our time, creator of numerous successful musical theater works, to the Medea-material adopted and now wrote the following for the Vienna State Opera, the Grillparzer's version, his own interpretation of this myth.

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