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Märchen im Grand Hotel

Libretto by Alfred Grünwald and Fritz Löhner-Beda

Premiere: July 06, 2024
Venue: Congress & TheaterHaus Bad Ischl

Enthralling, catchy music, jazzy rhythms and fast-paced dance numbers paired with turbulent romance and lively humor - with this mixture, Paul Abraham's "Märchen im Grand Hotel" is a guarantee for good mood and cheerfulness.

The story takes place in an elegant hotel on the French Riviera and is about a bankrupt American film producer. With a film about the Grand Hotel and above all its noble guests, his daughter Marylou intends to save her father's company. All too soon she finds herself in the turbulent love confusion of the illustrious circle. A clumsy hotel employee, the unrecognized Spanish infanta, and last but not least Marylou herself contribute to the cheerful escalation of chaos.
However, following the good operetta tradition, the Grand Hotel has a happy ending in store for everyone.

Fairy tales in the Grand Hotel - a must for lovers of great revue operettas.

Subject to change.
Sa 19:30
Märchen im Grand Hotel