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Madama Butterfly

Composer: Giacomo Puccini

Philippe Auguin | Dirigent
Josef Gielen | Regie
Tsugouharu Foujita | Ausstattung

Sae Kyung Rim | Cio-cio-san, genannt Butterfly
Aquiles Machado | B.F.Pinkerton
Gabriel Bermúdez | Sharpless

1. Act
In the vicinity of Nagasaki visited the American naval lieutenant Pinkerton a little house, which he will rent the owner Goro. Here he will spend his honeymoon with the Japanese geisha Cio-Cio-San, with that girl he compares with a butterfly and he intends to take under the then tolerated practice in temporary marriage to wife. What Suzuki, Butterfly's maid, and Goro tell him about his bride can not change his carelessness, nor the compassion that brings the American consul Sharpless expressed. They hit each other, but the toast Pinkerton is America and all that binds him to America.
Cio-cio-san appears, accompanied by her friends. During the wedding ceremony is being prepared, she talks about her life, her family. The family impoverished by the suicide of her father. She tells Pinkerton also said that she has accepted his faith.
This symbol of love leads immediately after the ceremony to an incident: her uncle, a Buddhist priest, is to curse them by reason of their apostasy. But more than the butterfly would sacrifice to her husband to be complacent. And in the magic of the oncoming night also feels for the stranger moments of the size of the heart that beats to meet him.

2. Act
Three years waiting for Cio-Cio-San is already on her husband, whom she gave birth to a son. Pinkerton had promised her before he left to come back. In her mind she sees his ship, but also the prayers Suzuki, her servant, are unable to bring forward the beloved. Sharpless occurs, but its mission goes beyond his strength: he is to tell Cio-cio-san, that Pinkerton had married in America that the geisha is free again. Cio-Cio-San the consul can hardly read what is in Pinkerton's letter, beside himself with joy to finally hear something from her lover, she asks. Goro has learned of the marriage, Pinkerton and brings out the rich Yamadori with a suitor. In the opinion Butterfly Sharpless had already been informed, they submit their proposal and are rejected by the clueless indignation. Goro has some news: Pinkerton's ship was expected in port. Butterfly's joy is so great that Sharpless still is not finding the courage to tell her the truth. His advice to marry Yamadori finds incomprehension. Does not he know that she and Pinkerton in hand, he does not see it in the eyes of her child? In her house decorated Butterfly waits with her servant for one night, one last night, nor to her husband.

3. Act
Until morning Cho-Cho-San was overwhelmed by sleep. As Pinkerton is accompanied by the consul, he is received by Suzuki. Her portrayal of Butterfly's loyal to his heart takes him. But Suzuki has to see that fate is inevitable: in the garden she saw the wife of Pinkerton, the woman he has brought from America. Full of remorse, fled Pinkerton, Kate, and the Consul are shaken. Madame Butterfly detected at a glance the situation. Their elation gives way to a frightening calm: she gives in to pressure to surrender her child to the father, he may even pick it up quickly. Left alone, Butterfly takes leave of her child. Then she kills herself after the manner of their fathers. "To die with honor, who can no longer live with honor."

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