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L'elisir d'amore

CONDUCTOR Speranza Scappucci
Adina Aida Garifullina
Nemorino Benjamin Bernheim
Belcore Orhan Yildiz
Doctor Dulcamara Paolo Rumetz

Dates 2019
CONDUCTOR Marco Armiliato, Guillermo García Calvo (June)
Adina Andrea Carroll
Nemorino Francesco Meli, Saimir Pirgu (June)
Belcore Orhan Yildiz, Gabriel Bermúdez (June)
Doctor Dulcamara Adam Plachetka, Ambrogio Maestri (June)

Adina, the landlord in a remote village, is young, rich and well-read. The destitute Nemorino admires her. She gives the villagers a touching version of the story of Tristan and Isolde, but finds it rather funny: Tristan, unloved by Isolde, receives from a miracle-worker a love potion, the magic of which defeats Isolden's heart. Adina is glad that such potions no longer exist. Nemorino, who loves her - although he is not heard - listened attentively. Sergeant Belcore moves in and quarters with his soldiers. He gives himself gallantly to Adina, but at the same time demands her love. The capricious Adina, however, can not win so easily. Nemorino succeeds in reaffirming how much he loves Adina. But she rejects him, saying she wants to remain free and unbound. There comes Dulcamara, who pretends to be a well-known miracle doctor and praises his resources against all sorts of suffering. The country people get drunk. Finally, Nemorino asks the quack, if he also carries a love potion with him. Immediately Dulcamara sees through the situation and sells the grateful Nemorino to all its cash, the coveted elixir. This works only after 24 hours, means Dulcamara as a precaution; he has turned on the unsuspecting Nemorino nothing more than a bottle of Bordeaux wine. Immediately Nemorino drinks it, and his mood improves noticeably. He pretends to be disinterested in Adina. Now let her woo him. This sudden change of heart is not right for Adina. She wants to find out if Nemorino's feelings for her are actually cold and explains without further ado to want to marry Belcore, but today, because the sergeant must move on tomorrow morning. Nemorino, for the time being - building on his elixir - has been victorious, is now completely dizzy. So he did not imagine the effect of the love potion. The wedding is being prepared. Dulcamara plays with Adina an improvised Venetian love scene. The notary appears with the marriage contract, but Adina wants to sign later. Nemorino wants a second bottle of the miracle elixir from Dulcamara. That could be done, if Nemorino could pay, but has no more bright. In desperation, he lets himself be recruited by Belcore as a soldier and immediately procures the second bottle for the money he has received.

The alleged love potion acts unexpectedly fast: A whole lot of girls caresses Nemorino. This does not surprise him very much, since he has already given his elixir the strongest. However, he does not suspect the true background of the wonderful affection: Gianetta has spread the hitherto secret news that Nemorino's very well-offed uncle had died and used him as sole heir. Nemorino finds the girls society extremely pleasant. Adina ignores what awakens their jealousy. From Dulcamara she learns why Nemorino has been recruited. The quack now offers her the love potion. But she refuses, for she knows a better way to win Nemorino, to whom she is nevertheless devoted: her eyes. Nemorino thinks he saw a secret tear in Adina's eyes. Does she love him? After his beautiful romance Adina gives him self-assurance: She confesses her love to him and hands him back the Anwerbedekret; she repaid Belcore and ransomed Nemorino. Belcore finds his bride in the arms of another. Although he is disappointed, but he makes a good face to the bad game, because for a soldier like him, there would be girls enough. Nemorino and Adina only hear about the inheritance. Dulcamara uses the situation for herself. He boasts of his art, thanks to which Nemorino has come to both his love happiness and fortune.

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