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Mozart and Vivaldi in Karlskirche

Mozart Requiem
In the early summer of 1791, Mozart was commissioned by a mysterious "gray messenger" to compose the "Requiem." It was one of his most impressive works and was to be Mozart's last composition, with numerous legends and myths surrounding the Requiem Deathbed the moving "lacrimosa" have started.
The performances in the Karlskirche with about 40 musicians are based on the cast of the premiere. They experience concerts that correspond in terms of ambience, sound and interpretation of the time of Vivaldi and Mozart. Mozart can hardly be experienced more authentically, profoundly and "real" in Vienna.
Vivaldi's seasons
When Antonio Vivaldi moved to Vienna in 1740, three years after completion of the Karlskirche, he probably also admired this extraordinary sacred building. For Vivaldi himself, the stay in Vienna was hapless. The once famous composer died here impoverished on July 28, 1741. He was buried only a few meters from the Karlskirche on the "Spitaller Gottes-Acker" cemetery. His grave, like that of Mozart, has not survived.
Experience our now legendary performances of Vivaldi's famous violin concertos in the rousing interpretation of the "Orchestra 1756" on baroque instruments.

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