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jedermann (stirbt)

Commissioned by the Burgtheater, the award-winning Austrian dramatist Ferdinand Schmalz has over-written, rewrote and rewritten the play of dying the rich man for the 21st century. He takes the text almost its liturgical character, sharpens the dramaturgy of the original, sharpens the conflicts, reluctantly screwing up language and meter, breaking old-clichés and renewing the iconography. Thus, the figures are no longer a distracted part of a Christian devotional show, but we are directly concerned. The new Everyman is not a "splendid Schwelger", as the devil calls him at Hofmannsthal, but rather a tough businessman who does not care that outside in front of his tightly fenced garden, the chaos rages, the martial law is proclaimed and can be expected dead. He too will go the way of all flesh, but with little hope of the kingdom of heaven: "redeemed or not, is really irrelevant", the main thing, a scapegoat for our guilty conscience is found ...

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