Messiah - Schedule, Program & Tickets


Proclaiming (notably with the popular “Hallelujah” chorus) the coming and resurrection of the Saviour, Messiah remains to this day one of the most popular of Handel’s works. A little under half a century after its 1742 world premiere in Dublin, it was performed for the first time in the revised and rescored German-language version Der Messias created by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The “German Messiah” thus is the fruit of an extraordinary “collaboration” between two geniuses: the scintillating brilliance of Handel as interpreted by Mozart.
On the occasion of the Christian Season, the Opera is including the oratorio in its programme for the first time in a staged format. With Ferenc Anger directing, Mozart’s arrangement will be sung in a new Hungarian translation by Ádám Nádasdy.

Subject to change.
Mo 19:00