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HEART CHAMBER calls Chaya Czernowin her newest musical theater and thus aims in several ways into the innermost. It is part of the centuries-old tradition of opera, which has always given the heart and excitement its central place since its very beginning. An "exploration of love" in the 21st century takes Czernowin before and meets the romantic concept of love with doubts and destruction, even though she puts her hope on a utopia of love. At the center of HEART CHAMBER is a developing love relationship between two people and the forces that emerge from it: they commute between attraction and repulsion, the desire to merge and the desire for independence. Chaya Czernowin writes an opera about the tiniest and greatest moments in the meeting of two hearts: in HEART CHAMBER, their emotions can be sent through the room like fragile sounds like figures, inviting the individual audience into an intimate dialogue. Or they condense into voluminous clouds of orchestra and electronics, only to discharge themselves in a tremendous rush of sound.

Chaya Czernowin premieres in musical theater were always celebrated as special events: Both PNIMA ... INS INNER from the year 2000 and 17 years later INFINITE NOW honored the critics of the magazine "Opernwelt" as "premieres of the year". A congenial partner was several times director Claus Guth, who after PNIMA and ZAIDE / ADAMA, premiered at the Salzburg Festival in 2005, now with HEART CHAMBER for the third time a new work by Chaya Czernowin in scene.

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