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With his CARMEN Georges Bizet wrote a challenge to the romantic opera: With her indomitable will to freedom embodies the title heroine the counterpart to the passive, suffering female figures who had previously dominated the opera stage. But CARMEN is even more antiromantic in a more comprehensive sense: Bizet's opera shows a world in which love, as an interpersonal feeling, no longer has a place and has long since been replaced by sex and violence. Carmen and the Torillo Escamillo are representatives of this society, in which only the law of the strongest counts. A world in which Don José, with his bourgeois ideal of love, remains a stranger who is doomed to fail. With this illusionless view of the desolation of human existence, Bizet stands in close proximity to the novels of Emile Zola - contrary to the stereotype of many performances Bizet Spain is a place that shows the ugliness of poverty in a bright light.

After his successful directorial debut at the Deutsche Oper Berlin with Shostakovich's LADY MACBETH VON MZENSK, the Norwegian director Ole Anders Tandberg has now decided to make these elementary driving forces in Bizet's masterpiece palpable again. With the Frenchwoman Clémentine Margaine, who began her international career at this house, one of the great Carmen interpreters of the present stands by his side.

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