ARISE Grand Show - Schedule, Program & Tickets

ARISE Grand Show

Let yourself be inspired by the new Grand Show.
Extravagant costumes, breathtaking stage sets and top artistic performances
amaze you and conjure up a happy smile on your face.

Cameron's life is like his pictures: exciting and full of bright colors. The famous photographer flies around the world with his muse. She is everything he loves and inspiration for his art. When he loses his muse, his happiness is shattered.
Lost in darkness, Cameron stares at his photos on the wall. They have an inexplicable attraction. And indeed, the recordings come to life. Light magically pulls him into the most emotional and beautiful memories of the time together. Does his muse want to tell him anything else?

Love is stronger than time, Cameron experiences that firsthand in ARISE. 'Arise' means getting up, not giving up, keeping faith in the immortal power of love.
The new Grand Show unleashes a storm of emotions that will also touch your heart with its powerful and magnificent images. Touching and stirring, filled with hope, happiness and joie de vivre.
This new Grand Show is like a new life. fall in love

Our VIP seats in rows 3 and 10 offer the best view of the stage with plenty of legroom. Our own VIP access at the cloakroom and bar offers the right service.

Categories 1-4
The classic categories are in the stalls and high stalls and offer a good view of the stage due to the atrium-shaped hall.

Subject to change.
Tu 19:30
ARISE Grand Show