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An exuberant, sexually charged ritual of young girls, a celebration of greed for life is the beginning of a hysterical manhunt. Some of the children faint or become ill after a secret meeting in the woods. Because the diseases are not explained by doctors, the rumor of supernatural events, of witchcraft quickly arises. The girls realize very quickly that they can escape punishment if they accuse others. It is held court. The main witnesses are the girls, who soon call half the place obsessed. Farmer John Proctor, however, sees through the lies and warns against believing the girls' accusations. The process of witch condemnation develops a frenzied momentum, denunciation and revenge are reversed. It's no longer about religion - the state's representatives are pursuing a strategy of repression at any price.

Arthur Miller describes in his 1953 - at the time of the McCarthy era in the US - premiere piece on events in 1692, the abysses of a theocracy: religious delusion, bigotry, hatred, ownership claims and unscrupulous profit pursuit.

For artistic reasons, this production smokes on stage.

Subject to change.

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