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Voucher from Vienna Classic

Anticipation is known to be the greatest joy... and this time of isolation will also pass.
Give anticipation to your friends and loved ones, give a voucher from Vienna Classic and enjoy culture in the near future.
As soon as events take place again, you can enjoy operas, concerts, musicals and theater of your choice with a voucher from Vienna Classic.

Why not give your friends and relatives a gift voucher for the opera, the theatre, concerts or musicals? They are valid for all events on the Vienna Classic website.

It's so easy to do:

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    Enter the information

    Enter the name of the recipient, your name and a personal message for the recipient, as well as the value of the voucher. You will be able to see what your personal gift voucher will look like straight away.


    Note: This gift voucher can be redeemed against any Vienna Classic event. You will receive credit for any remaining amount, which can be redeemed at any time for further orders.