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George Balanchine

This tribute to the art of Balanchine brings together three works of pure dance from the choreographer’s first American period. Three ensemble ballets in which bodies resonate like the instruments of an orchestra. Set to the music of Bach, Concerto Barocco crossfades a succession of forms beckoning to the gaze like the decorative components of a baroque architecture. The Four Temperaments offers a visual counterpoint to Paul Hindemith’s variations. Like the moods that transfuse humans, this fluid and mercurial ballet combines consonance and dissonance in a composition at once rigorous yet unimpeded. In Serenade, Balanchine evokes the Russian heritage of Tchaikovsky his master, and the modern bodies of the young New Yorkers he met on his arrival in the United States. A snapshot of its times, the ballet’s romantic atmosphere also evokes Les Sylphides by Fokine, another master revered by Balanchine.

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