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Eugen Onegin

Composer: Peter I. Tschaikowski

Peter I. Tschaikowski
Louis Langrée | Dirigent
Falk Richter | Regie
Katrin Hoffmann | Bühne
Martin Kraemer | Kostüme
Joanna Dudley | Choreographie
Carsten Sander | Licht

Maija Kovalevska | Tatjana
Peter Mattei | Eugen Onegin
Charles Castronovo | Lenski
Jongmin Park | Fürst Gremin

1. Act
On the estate of the Larin in the Russian province's harvest time. The widowed landowner and the old nurse chat with boiling berries about the past, about the life and dashed hopes in the habit as a replacement for missed happiness. Of the two daughters of the house of the lively, carefree Olga is devoted to all the pleasures of existence, the silent, closed Tatjana buried himself in books, however, lost in daydreams. When guests: Olga's fiancé, the enthusiastic young poet Lenski, introduces his friend and Gutsnachbarn Onegin, a sovereign city-dwellers and free spirit. While Lenski and his protestations of love, the vivacious Olga almost pressed to make the elegance and superiority to the timid Onegin Tatyana deep impression. The hero of her novels, the projection of their dreams and fantasies seems to stand in front of her.
In her room at night, Tatiana finds no rest. Also met with the nurse not distract them from. So she decides to take a letter to the man who stepped unexpectedly into her life. Only fearful, always carefree, they are cheap its interior, she confides her feelings Onegin. When it comes out to a meeting, to disappoint Onegin's condescending response Tatiana, so humble. He probably also feel sympathy for her, but he does not trust the duration of emotions, was also not made for marriage. Injured withdraws Tatjana, while the girls sing playfully at the Beer Garden in the reading of happiness.

2. Act
Months later, it became winter. A house ball to Tatiana's name day brings a change for the neighborhood charged in the monotonous daily life. Onegin also let himself be persuaded by friends to visit Lenski. But soon it annoys the gossip of the other guests practicing his extravagant lifestyle so much that he plays a trick on his friend. He dances with Olga again, you make obvious the court, and she is a coquette on the game. The jealous Lenski falls into a violent rage. Before the company he runs Onegin outraged and calls to account the supposed rival finally to a duel.
On a cold morning Lenski expected his opponent. Full of premonitions of death, he takes his life and thoughts of the beloved Olga in farewell. As well as Onegin is on hand is both the futility of their plans, while the value of their friendship clear. But none succeeds the liberating word. is first struck and killed Lensky, Onegin sees the horrific events.

3. Act
Several years have passed. Onegin is drawn away of his estate. But long, long trips it can be the wanton loss of his friend does not get over not exempt him from the melancholy, giving his life has no meaning. Just returned, decides to move from restless in St. Petersburg on a party in the home Gremin, where he feels lonely again. Because he believes in the almost forgotten the hostess Tatjana seen. And really, it is now the wife of the general and earned prestigious Prince has become. Gremin the stunned Onegin his late marriage happiness with Tatyana told recognize this to be their fault. The superior Dandy affects an unprecedented turmoil of emotions. In a stormy letter Onegin Tatyana has requested a debate. His unexpected appearance at the ball has also disturbed their hard-won peace of mind. Together, they now complain about the missed happiness. Onegin as they pressed harder and harder to give up their marriage and to follow him, she admits her undiminished love - and is committed both to its association with Gremin. Left alone, desperate Onegin at the meaning of his unfulfilled life.

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