Ein Walzertraum - Schedule, Program & Tickets

Ein Walzertraum

Operetta from Oscar Straus

Conductor: Guido Mancusi
Joachim XIII: Andreas Daum
Princess Helene: Caroline Melzer
Graf Lothar: Markus Meyer
Leutnant Niki: Thomas Paul
Leutnant Montschi: Michael Havlicek

In Vienna, Helena, Princess of the German principality of Flausenthurn, catches the dashing Lieutenant Niki and then marries him so quickly that the newly fledged Prince Consort takes fright. Even during the wedding celebrations, he slips away secretly and mixes with the people of Flausenthurn. He meets the attractive conductor of a Vienna ladies’ choir, Franzi Steingruber, who seems to be the embodiment of all the dreams he thought were lost for ever.

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