Don Pasquale - Schedule, Program & Tickets

Don Pasquale

Evelino Pidò | Dirigent
Irina Brook | Regie
Noëlle Ginefri-Corbel | Bühne
Sylvie Martin-Hyszka | Kostüme
Arnaud Jung | Licht
Martin Buczko | Choreographie

Ildebrando D`Arcangelo | Don Pasquale
Juan Diego Flórez | Ernesto
Adam Plachetka | Dr. Malatesta
Valentina Naforniţa | Norina

It is the serene figures, reminiscent of the Italian Stegreifkomödie, comedia dell'arte which: Here is a young, kapriziöse woman herumführt with self-confidence and wit älterlichen a would-be lovers on the nose. There, the right to truth lovers and between a wily Ränkeschmied. Gaetano Donizetti has with his Don Pasquale created an entertainment classics of the größten singers and performers a corresponding BUHNE offered since time immemorial. For three decades, no longer on the board of the Vienna Staatsoper this cheerful and lively work returns to the house back on the ring.

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