Dinner & Cruise with live music - Schedule, Program & Tickets

Dinner & Cruise with live music

During your visit to Hungary's metropolis, in addition to the romantic backdrop, an exquisite dinner awaits you on the Danube ship with traditional and classical music!

The unique 'Budapest Panorama' was added to the list of World Heritage by UNESCO. On the boat trip on the Danube you can experience Budapest from the most beautiful side. The menu is arranged by the food sculpture world champion and chef, Attila Tanács, and the musical program will be performed by members of the Hungaria Orchestra! A romantic evening on the Danube - an incomparable experience!
Part of the ensemble is also a Cimbalom, which will give the program a touch of folklore.
The audience has the opportunity to wish their favorite songs from the musicians.

Dinner & Cruise® Meeting Point: Please be at the meeting point at least half an hour before the start of the cruise, as stated on your order confirmation.

For Dinner & Cruise at 19:00
18:30 clock meet at the Danube Palace (Zrínyi utca 5)
7:00 pm Start of the 2-hour boat trip

For Dinner & Cruise at 22:00
9:30 pm meet at the meeting point
10:00 pm Start of the 1.5-hour boat trip


Cold appetizer:
Cottage cheese with traditional Greaves cream

Hot main courses:
Mini cabbage rolls
Traditional chicken 'paprika'
Roasted chicken breast with basil and cheese sauce
Spicy pork rib with thyme mustard sauce
Fried sea fish with chardonnay sauce

Side dishes and vegetarian dishes:
Grilled polenta with sheep's cheese
grilled vegetables
Homemade dumplings with spinach and mustard mushroom sauce
Steamed jasmine rice with corn
fried potatoes
Steak potatoes

Fresh salads of the season with dressing
Italian pasta salad
Ceasar salad
Sweet corn salad with mayonnaise

Homemade strudel
Somló style cake
Mini tarts
Dessert variations from Europe
Seasonal fruit basket

1 glass of red or white wine + 1 bottle of water (0.33l) or soft drink

Folk Ensemble (Orchestra)
The Hungarian State Folklore Ensemble, founded in 1951, is considered one of the best ensembles in Hungary. The tasks of the ensemble consist not only in the transmission of folk art through the stage but, equally important, in the collection and preservation of original dances, music and clothing, as a cultural heritage for future generations. The extensive Wertwolle repertoire helped to make the Hungarian State Folklore Ensemble one of the most well-known folk-art groups in the world, presenting its artistic performances in 44 countries on 5 continents, attracting over 7.5 million visitors. The most recent overseas tours have taken us to the US, the Far East and Western Europe. The Hungarian State Folklore Ensemble consists of dancers, gypsy musicians and folk dance musicians. The choreography is based on authentic dances, some of which come from centuries of isolated villages, and the exceptional folk music influenced by musicians such as Franz Liszt, Béla Bartók, and Kodály Zoltán is presented by the world-famous Gypsy orchestra. The use of traditional instruments by the folk dance orchestra leads to the highest artistic level. The Gypsy Orchestra plays partly as an accompaniment to the dance group, sometimes alone. In addition to performances in the rest of Hungary and abroad, found in Budapest Budai Vigadó in the organization of Hungaria Konzert Gmbh. between 90 and 100 performances annually.

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