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Die Zirkusprinzessin

Regie: Thomas Enzinger
Bühnenbild: Peter Notz nach einer Idee von Sam Madwar
Kostüme: Sven Bindseil
Choreographie: Bohdana Szivacz
Licht: Sabine Wiesenbauer
Choreinstudierung: Holger Kristen
Dirigent: Alfred Eschwé

Fürstin Fedora Palinska: Astrid Kessler

Emmerich Kálmán‘s operetta from the year 1926 focuses on an impoverished aristocrat who keeps the whole of St. Petersburg in suspense with a spectacular equestrian act. He was formerly disinherited by
his uncle for falling in love with his bride. Now he encounters his great love Fedora again, who in the meantime has become a widow. But the machinations of Prince Sergius threaten to break their loving ties once more …

In German language

Subjecto to change.

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