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Die Zauberflöte

Adam Fischer | Dirigent
Moshe Leiser | Regie
Patrice Caurier | Regie
Christian Fenouillat | Bühne
Agostino Cavalca | Kostüme
Christophe Forey | Licht
Beate Vollack | Choreographische Mitarbeit

Franz-Josef Selig | Sarastro
Benjamin Bruns | Tamino
Kathryn Lewek | Königin der Nacht
Genia Kühmeier | Pamina
Markus Werba | Papageno

Mozart's probably most popular opera enthralled children and adults. Whether the magical, yet symbolic act, the unforgettable music, the best singers or the thorough, yet entertaining production of master director Marelli: for everyone!

Pursued by a giant snake, the young Prince Tamino already sees his end approaching. The moment in which he collapses unconscious, appear on three mysterious women and kill the monster. But before the young man wakes up again, they leave the scene and run to her mistress - the queen of the night. As Tamino regains consciousness, the bird man Papageno enters the scene. This claims to have killed the snake itself - threatening to approach again the three leading ladies and Papageno the lie. As punishment, he gets a lock hanging over his mouth. Tamino hand them a portrait of Pamina, the daughter of the Queen. The prince is in love immediately and promises that appears, Queen, Pamina from the hands of Sarastro, who had stolen to free. Papageno, which the castle was again taken off, is required to accompany the Prince. Three regularly appearing as the two boys should just stand aside, like a magic bells and a magic flute. Papageno was sent ahead of Tamino, Pamina to meet very soon, which was on the run just taken by the evil slave Monostatos. Papageno succeeds Monostatos to rout and Pamina to win the prince. When they want to do something like this they are surprised by Sarastro and his followers. Tamino, who recognizes the goodness and the spiritual superiority of Sarastro's changes, the site and joins him. To become a full member of the clergy are, but he must - coexist with Papageno several severe tests. Tamino is able to master all the samples as a reward exemplary and may take the place appear as high priest Sarastro and Pamina marry. Papageno, who was not as successful, yet with a female equivalent to him - happy Papagena. The power is defeated by gent Queen and her entourage.

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