Die Zauberflöte - Schedule, Program & Tickets

Die Zauberflöte

Opera from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Duration: 3 hours , Intermissions: 1

Conductor: Enrico Dovico
Sarastro: Andreas Daum
Tamino: Jörg Schneider
Speaker: Florian Spiess
2. Priest: Christian Drescher
Queen of the Night: Mari Moriya
Pamina: Andrea Bogner

Mozart's penultimate opera, and a fairy-tale work that remains popular with young and old alike. The prince Tamino, with the aid of a magic flute and the bird catcher Papageno as his guide, finds the Temple of Isis where Pamina, the woman he loves but has never met, resides. Pamina, daughter of the Queen of the Night, together with Tamino, undergo tests to prove their virtue and constancy and good triumphs over evil through the power of love.

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