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Die Lustige Witwe

A very prolific author with around thirty operettas, Franz Lehár is known almost exclusively for the "verve" and the rich melodic and rhythmic invention of the Merry Widow. This masterpiece owes its fortune to a series of factors that are reconciled in the course of the operetta and exalt each other; first of all the nature of history that brings together in a harmonious way around a single issue (the inheritance) a series of classic themes such as money, love, jealousy and loyalty. A further element is the dance that makes the action particularly smooth: it is not just about offering a choreographic opportunity (accompanied by different types of costumes) but through the dance the story evolves and the relationships between the characters are transformed . The dance also expresses the character of the characters and situations and describes the evolution of the psychological climate. Precisely because of this prominence of the dance, according to some, the merry widow is part of the Tanzoperette genre, even though this definition does not take into account the actual thickness of the score which gathers wonderful melodic pages and a refined use of the orchestra.

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