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Die Glasmenagerie

Sick and cramped, the Wingfields apartment in St. Louis is home to a group of friends: while Amanda, abandoned by her husband, returns to her Southern youth and waits for a worshiper for her physically disabled daughter Laura, son Tom, a retired writer, feeds the family as a warehouse worker. Before the prosaic reality, all three flee into lyrical daydreams: Amanda in the memory of a long gone aristocratic life, Laura in her collection of glass animals and Tom in celluloid and alcohol. A colleague of Tom, Jim O'Connor, appears for a short time as a savior, he should marry the love of Laura in him. But as Jim has to open her after dinner, he has already decided on another. Laura then gives him the glass unicorn, which he broke with her while dancing.

Williams wanted to see his autobiographical, premiered in 1945 family drama "played in the sphere of memory" to rid it of all theatrical conventions. Epic narrator Tom Wingfield opens the door to the past, which he - though he left his family like his father - never quite escaped. The glass menagerie tells of life's flight and dream life, of failed and successful self-realization, of illusions and their fragility.

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