Die Blume von Hawaii - Schedule, Program & Tickets

Die Blume von Hawaii

Marius Burkert
Stage concept, dialogue version and director
Leonard Prinsloo
Leonard Prinsloo
Chorus Master
Gerald Krammer

Thomas Brockwiller
Gerhard Ernst
Baroness Selma von Wilfort, his daughter
Maya Boog
Captain Arthur, his son
Alexander Kaimbacher
Miss Phoebe
Sieglinde Feldhofer
Miss Edith
Ilia Vierlinger
Miss Euphrasia
Rita Peterl
Harold von Reckenburg
Jevgenij Taruntsov
Juliane von Reckenburg, his sister
Anna-Sophie Kostal
Philly Kaps
Christoph Filler
Tomaz Kovacic
Matthias Schuppli
Oberst Summer
Wolfgang Gerold

Franz Lehár Orchestra
Chorus of the Lehár Festival Bad Ischl

Operetta in three acts by Carl Haffner and Richard Genée
Music by Johann Strauss jr.

First night: July 16th 2016

Operetta in three acts by Franz Lehár
Lyrics by Julius Bauer

semi-staged performances

First Night: August 13th 2016

Selma is the daughter of American millionaire Thomas Brockwiller. She is a young widow and has turned into a man hater. Harold von Reckenburg, Selma's new suitor, manages to have his sister Juliane making friends with Selma as her new lady companion. Juliane spreads the rumour that she has a sister who is eccentric and likes to dress as a man. Disguised as a woman Harold meets Selma. Selma agrees to marry "him" because she believes she can pull the wool over society's eyes and later expose her legally wedded husband as a girl. When she finds out about Harold's true sex she feels trapped.

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