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Der Kongress tanzt

Regie : Robert Meyer
Kostüme : Gertrude Rindler-Schantl
Bühnenbild : Eva-Maria Schwenkel
Choreographie : Florian Hurler
Dirigent : Christian Kolonovits

With English surtitles (except premiere)

Mit englischen Übertiteln (ausgenommen Premiere)
Werner Richard Heymann composed the music to film classics such as "The Three from the Filling Station", "Ninotchka" and, in the year 1931, Erik Charell’s "The Congress Dances". During the Vienna Congress of 1815, the Tsar of Russia falls for the lovely glove maker Christel. This is most convenient for the Austrian Chancellor Metternich, who hopes this new romance will distract the Tsar from state affairs. The Tsar, however, has brought along a lookalike.

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