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Das Land des Lächelns

The self-confident count's daughter Lisa, who is not short of well-to-do admirers in her homeland of Vienna, just falls in love with the somewhat shy-looking Chinese prince Sou-Chong. She follows him - is it a dream, is it a reality? - to Beijing. But even if Sou-Chong's sister Mi and Lisa's most ardent admirer Gustl know: "Your love, my love, they are both the same", the relationship between Lisa and Sou-Chong fails despite the great love ("Your is my whole heart") ultimately the opposite conventions of different cultures.

"The Land of Smiles" experienced a true triumphal procession through the theaters of Europe after its premiere in Berlin in October 1929: Already at the end of 1930 the operetta had performed on almost 200 productions.

Conductor Alexander Joel
Directed by Beverly Blankenship
Stage design by Heinz Hauser
Costumes Elisabeth Binder-Neururer
with the collaboration of Susanne Bisovsky (Wiener Chic)
Choreography Allen Yu
Set design collaboration with Barbara Pral

Count Ferdinand Lichtenfels / Tschang, Sou-Chongs uncle Toni Slama
Lisa, Count Lichtenfels' daughter Sophia Brommer
Count Gustav von Pottenstein Michael Havlicek
A General / Obereunuch Herbert Steinböck
Prince Sou-Chong Szabolcs Brickner
Fu-Li, Chinese envoy / Mi, Sou-Chong's sister Theresa Dax

Subject to changes.
Fr 19:00
Das Land des Lächelns