Dantons Tod - Schedule, Program & Tickets

Dantons Tod

George Danton | Wolfgang Koch
Camille Desmoulins | Herbert Lippert
Hérault de Séchelles | Jörg Schneider
Robespierre | Thomas Ebenstein
Lucile | Olga BezsmertnaConductor | Susanna Mälkki

Director & Light Design | Josef Ernst Köpplinger
Set design | Rainer Sinell
Costumes | Alfred Mayerhofer
Choreography | Ricarda Regina Ludigkeit

For many decades, no less than four operas (including two world premières) and five ballets (including two world premières) by Gottfried von Einem belonged to the repertoire at the Wiener Staatsoper. To mark the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the composer’s birth, the work that catapulted him to international fame at the Salzburg Festival in 1947 returns to the opera house on the Ring: Dantons Tod. Von Einem had brilliantly recreated Büchner’s Revolution tragedy for music theatre and, following the postulate of his teacher Boris Blacher, had interwoven the musical and the theatrical in such a way that the dramatic episodes are optimally communicated in music to the audience.

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