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Vivaldi - The Four Seasons

Only a few years before Vivaldi moved to Vienna, he composed his most famous “Four Seasons“, a compilation of four revolutionary concerts for solo violin and string orchestra. For poems (maybe written by Vivaldi) are the image of the composition which shows us furious thunder storms and flashes, breaking ice and twittering of birds, sleeping shepherds, barking dogs, a band of hunters....

Antonio Vivaldi
"Le quattro stagioni" | THE 4 SEASONS

Allegro - Largo - Allegro

Allegro - Adagio - Presto

Allegro - Largo - Allegro

Allegro - Largo - Allegro

Concerto for 2 solo-violins, strings and basso continuo a-minor op. 3/8
Allegro - Adagio e Spirituoso - Allegro

ENSEMBLE 1756 (on period instruments)
Soloists of the Salzburger Konzertgesellschaft
Konstantin Hiller, harpsichord

We ask for your understanding that access for children is only permitted from the age of 6 years.

Subject to change.
Fr 20:15
Vivaldi - The Four Seasons

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