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Mozart Requiem

The ORCHESTER 1756 was founded in Salzburg in 2006. Surprisingly, the "Mozart city" in particular did not have an original sound ensemble dedicated primarily to the interpretation of Mozart's works on "historical instruments".
The use of these "original instruments", the intensive study of the style and rhetoric of the 18th century as well as balanced instrumentations based on historical specifications result in the special, authentic, classical sound of this ensemble. As a listener once remarked? the original Mozart air!".
The 1756 Orchestra organizes permanent concert series in Salzburg and Vienna. In particular, the continuous rehearsals and concerts in Vienna's Karlskirche lead to a uniformity and homogeneity that is rare in a baroque orchestra.
Konstantin Hiller on "his" Orchester 1756: "Our playing is characterized by the fact that there is no 70 percent mode, only 100 percent. This requires unity and compactness - and we try to focus on every composition, every performance, to refocus every concert room and every mood. What we did in concert room A can sound completely different in room B."

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