Chowanschtschina - Schedule, Program & Tickets


Composer: Modest Mussorgski

Semyon Bychkov | Dirigent
Lev Dodin | Regie
Alexander Borovskiy | Ausstattung
Damir Ismagilov | Licht
Dmitry Koshmin | Regiemitarbeit
Valery Galendeev | Regieassistenz
Yuri Vasilkov | Choreographie
Iurii Khamutanskii | Bewegungsregie
Dina Dodina | Dramaturgie
Paul Weigold | Musikalische Assistenz

Ferruccio Furlanetto | Fürst Iwan Chowanski
Christopher Ventris | Fürst Andrei Chowanski
Herbert Lippert | Fürst Wassili Golizyn
Andrzej Dobber | Bojar Schaklowity
Ain Anger | Dossifei
Elisabeth Kulman | Marfa
Norbert Ernst | Schreiber

Khovanshchina illuminated those particularly moving episode of Russian history in 1682, in the severe political and religious unrest that demanded a high death toll, given life in the former Moscow. Modest Mussorgki jerked, even more than in his Boris Godunov, in this historical drama the people at the center and described the events on particularly sharp-analytical manner, by depending on the situation or person, different musical Porträtierweisen chose: imprinting Symbolic aspects of the overall system as well as atmospherics passages, Folkloric found in the same way as input stylized Orthodox liturgical music or deliberately exotic-sounding. But the always lyrical arioso held solo parts are the attractions of this opera. The Mussorgsky's unfinished Khovanshchina is instrumented aufgeführt at the Vienna State Opera, as amended by Dmitri Shostakovich.

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