Paganini Ensemble Wien in der Minoritenkirche - Schedule, Program & Tickets

Paganini Ensemble Wien in der Minoritenkirche

Experience the unique opportunity to marvel at the wonderful soloists of the Vienna Chamber Orchestra in the impressive ambience of the Minoritenkirche at a series of exclusive classical concerts! Don't miss this incomparable opportunity and book your tickets for one of these first-class concerts.


Paganini was initially known only to his time and to posterity as the great violinist, whose virtuosity and intensity of the violin playing, which had never been heard before, completely captivated and enchanted the audience. However, in addition to the violin, he also mastered the guitar in the same manner and virtuosity, for whom he wrote around 250 works in a wide variety of settings, from solo, duo, trio to quartet with violin, viola and cello. He wanted to be the great violinist for the public, while he wrote composition for guitar in the silence and created a large and extremely rich chamber music literature for his own use. With this rarely played program, Paganini Ensemble Wien offers an appealing insight into his extensive oeuvre for violin, guitar, viola and cello.

June 18, 2020 | Thursday, 7 p.m. | Max. 100 concert goers

Niccolo PAGANINI - Quartetto No. 9, MS 36 for violin, viola, cello and guitar
Niccolo PAGANINI - Sonata Concertata, MS 2
Niccolo PAGANINI - Terzetto for violin, cello and guitar in D major, MS 69
Niccolo PAGANINI - Quartetto No. 1, MS 28 for violin, viola, violoncello and guitar

July 02, 2020 | Thursday, 7 p.m.

Niccolo PAGANINI - Quartetto No. 2, MS 29 for violin, viola, violoncello and guitar
Johann Sebastian BACH - from the Goldberg Variations, BWV 988
Niccolo PAGANINI - Quartetto No. 7, MS 34 for violin, viola, violoncello and guitar

The concert lasts approximately 60 minutes.

Subject to change.

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