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Dinner & Le Crazy Horse Show

A signature, a myth ...
Femininity, creativity, daring … Crazy Horse Paris is the most iconic of all the Parisian cabarets. A temple to sublime womanhood and the most famous of all Paris night spots, immortalized by the effervescence of its stars at dazzling gala evenings… Not only that, Le Crazy Horse has become an essential element of the city's culture. More than sixty years after its creation, Le Crazy is continuing to reinvent itself on the inexhaustible subject of women. With new rhythms, dynamic tempos and ever more entrancing choreography, the silhouettes of its legendary dancers are still amazing their audiences with their extraordinary suppleness. The Paris of today and tomorrow is, now and always, proud of one of the best-known symbols of life in the city!

On May 19th 1951, Alain Bernardin opens Le Crazy Horse. An avant-garde artist, and passionate admirer of women, he was fascinated by the United States and driven by a single idea: to make artistic creation and women the focus of his club. At that time it featured a succession of racy burlesque routines interspersed with musical or humorous interludes from variety artists. Charles Aznavour had his first break here ...

1960s: a turning point for Le Crazy Horse with the arrival of the New Wave, New Realism, Pop Art … Alain Bernardin reacts in his indefatigable style, taking modernity in his stride and redeveloping his show to reflect these cultural changes. Each of his numbers would be conceived as a tableau, with its own choreography, set and lighting, combined with the latest musical and fashion styles of the day. The legend of the avant-garde Crazy was launched onto an audience which was both French and international!

In 2006, it was quite natural that Le Crazy Horse, a place of beauty and sensuality which has always celebrated women, should invite into its shows women fêted for their talent across the world: in 0ctober 2006, Dita Von Teese, international burlesque superstar diva and ultimate glamour icon, opened this new period in the life of the Crazy presenting, for the first time in public, a number of unbelievable sensuality. She was followed in February 2007 by Arielle Dombasle, another shining star, presenting songs from her new album, framed by the Crazy dancers. On Valentine's Day 2008, Pamela Anderson performed a number specially created for her on a Harley Davidson based on the legendary Serge Gainsbourg song "Harley Davidson"…

Autumn 2008: the talented choreographer and dancer Philippe Decouflé was asked to expand the company's repertoire. This was the beginning of the show named Désirs to be premiered on 21 September 2009. A show bringing a contemporary feel and a new tone, though still respecting Le Crazy's original codes, with themes transcending our time, bringing in an audience who will come back to Le Crazy time and time again. Désirs offers that infinitely delicious moment when pleasure stretches out like a seamed stocking…

October 2010 : Forever Crazy kicks of its World Tour in Vienna, Austria. The show travels to major capitals around the world and has performed in Geneva, Cannes, Montreal, Québec, Madrid, Kiev, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Taipei, Beirut and more. The cast and crew consist of 19 people. A semi-truck transports the 7 tons of technical and stage equipment, including the set with the trademark Crazy stage, necessary to present the show in venues throughout the world.

In March 2012, Crazy Horse Paris invites its first "Guest Creator" Christian Louboutin, the acclaimed creator of the red sole, to create four original tableaux. Entitled FEU the resulting show performs to sold out houses for a full three months. A 3D captation of FEU will be showing in movie theatres throughout the world at the end of 2012.

Summer 2013 : The iconic cabaret presented its famous show Forever Crazy, in a purpose built chapiteau on the terrace of the Palais des Festivals in Cannes for a limited run in July and August ... 50 exclusive performances for a unique experience!

The most avant-garde cabaret in Paris reveals its charms in a show entitled Désirs that opened to audiences on 21 September 2009 and was directed by the prestigious French choreographer Philippe Decouflé. The show’s artistic direction is signed by renowned photographer Ali Mahdavi. The classically trained dancers perfectly integrate the sensuous choreography of their performances and their spectacular bodies. Each dancer is bathed in richly colored and textured lighting designs. The colors and images from the stunning lighting effects are so overwhelming that it is hard to determine where skin ends and the colour reflections begin… The result is a unique show that engages the mind as much as the eye! Gloria di Parma, Zula Zazou, Dekka Dance, Mika Do: the Crazy Horse dancers with their memorable names represent the French elite of beauty and seduction.

In the autumn of 2008 Philippe Decouflé, the French star choreographer and dancer, was hired to expand the cabaret's repertoire. He thus devised the staging and also the interludes in Désirs.

The artistic direction was entrusted to Ali Mahdavi, who enshrined the cabaret's strict codes – bob wigs, blood-red lipstick, dizzying high heels - and cleverly and tactfully weaved in sophisticated forms of creative expression.

In addition to the creations of Philippe Decouflé, some featured acts are legendary Crazy Horse “classics” such as “God Save Our Bareskin”, which was choreographed by a lieutenant of the British Army and since 1989 opens every single Crazy Horse show, as well as, “Good Girl” and “Legmania”, all signed by Alain Bernardin. Others, such as “Final Fantasy” and “Purple Underground”, were designed by Patricia Folly, also known as Psykko Tico, one of the troupe's dancers and a choreographer in her own right.

The poster for this wonderful collaboration is the brainchild of Hilton McConnico, who conjured with Crazy Horse's DNA to produce a poster that serves as a universal banner for a never-ending conquest: the eternal, universal woman.

The costume design in Désirs is the fruit of the collaboration of several exceptional creators:
• The shoes are from Christian Louboutin, the incomparable designer and provider of footwear for the stars,
• The outfits are by Poupie Cadolle, Fifi Chachnil, Alexandre Vauthier, Stefano Canulli and Antoine Kruk.

Musics in Désirs are the work of several composers, including:
Fred Pallem, a passionate artist, musician and composer who was acclaimed as the Jazz Revelation of the Year at the 2006 Victoires de la Musique awards with his band “Le Sacre du Tympan”. Fred was invited by Philippe Decouflé to mould the musical environment for Désirs by drawing on what makes Le Crazy distinctive, blending jazz and hot brass sections, female singing and sensual wind instruments, sizzling bands and enchanting melodies;
Jacques Morali, the Crazy's long-time music author and composer as well as being the inventor of the Village People and a writer for Pia Zadorra, Régine, Dalida, Eartha Kitt;
Mirwais, the leading artist in progressive music and a composer for Madonna.


-The show only (reserved seating)

(reserved seating)
-Half a bottle of champagne

The charm of Paris in the 1900s
5 rue Marbeuf

The dinner & the Champagne-Show :
Including per person :
- a 3-course dinner, a welcome cocktail, ½ bottle of wine, ½ mineral water, coffee
- the Champagne-Show at the Crazy Horse

A modern elegance
99 avenue des Champs-Elysées

The dinner & the Champagne-Show :
Including per person :
- a 3-course dinner, ½ bottle of wine, ½ mineral water, coffee
- the Champagne-Show at the Crazy Horse

LE 39V
A Michelin-starred restaurant offering a panoramic view
39 avenue George V. Closed on Saturdays and Sundays

The dinner & the VIP Champagne-Show:
Including per person :
- cocktail & amuse-bouche, a 3-course dinner,
½ bottle of wine, ½ mineral water, coffee & sweets
- VIP seating at the Crazy Horse Paris show & upgraded champagne

An unforgettable cruise down the Seine river
Pont de l’Alma, rive droite

The dinner & the Champagne-Show :
Including per person :
- Aperitif & appetizers, a 4-course dinner, ½ bottle of wine, ½ bottle of mineral water, fruit juices & coffee
- the Champagne-Show at the Crazy Horse

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