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Das Rheingold

Opera in one act, in German with Hungarian and English surtitles

If Richard Wagner were alive today, he would surely be considered a master of fantasy, writing the top bestsellers and bringing home the most Grammies and Oscars and lining up against The Lord of the Rings, Thor, and Harry Potter in popularity, and perhaps even the Star Wars series. Drawing from Icelandic and German sagas, Wagner astonishes audiences with stories set to music of such grandiosity that no one remains unaffected.

Das Rheingold, Die Walküre, Siegfried and Götterdämmerung. These four operas together make up the Ring, which the Opera House is bringing to the stage in a new set of productions. Das Rheingold introduces the audience to the magical world of nixies, dwarves, gods, valkyries and giants. In addition to composing an entirely new kind of music, Wagner’s grandiose concepts also placed tremendous demands on stage design then and now. Water nymphs sing while swimming in a river; a dwarf first becomes invisible and then turns into a frog in plain view; giants fight with each other – in Das Rheingold alone, numerous events take place that are a great challenge to mount on the stage even today.

Géza M. Tóth’s short animated film, The Maestro, was nominated for an Oscar in 2007. The director has a close relationship with classical music, too, and was the creative force behind an animated film of Bartók’s theatrical works, The Miraculous Mandarin and Duke Bluebeard’s Castle. He has also created numerous films for the Hungarian Opera, including an animation for 2013’s Saint Matthew’s Passion. The Béla Balázs Award-winning animated film director and rector of the University of Theatre and Film Arts is now confronted with the task of doing battle – by means of his powerful images – with the “impossible”.

Péter Halász
Mihály Kálmándi
Sándor Egri
Zoltán Nyári
Erőd Adrián
Marcus Jupither
Zoltán Megyesi
Krisztián Cser
Géza Gábor
Judit Németh
Borbála Keszei
Erika Gál
Eszter Wierdl
Krisztina Simon
Melinda Heiter

Richard Wagner
English subtitles
Arthur Roger Crane
Tóth Géza M.

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